macaulay2 internals part 1: repl startup

i'm back! ^^ long time no see!! x3

back in undergrad, i worked with a piece of math software called macaulay2. it's popular primarily among algebraic geometers and commutative algebraists, as those are the two fields it was designed for.

i thought it'd be fun (since i'm on a pl kick) to try digging through and explaining the internals of its underlying language :3

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hxp ctf 2022: whistler writeup

heyooo~! ^w^

soo this weekend was hxp ctf 2022 (yes, they name them a year off, god knows why) and there was a super cute problem i wanted to share!!~ the problem is "whistler" and had a single file,, that was running on their server.

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tweetnacl internals, part 1: `crypto_sign`

i'm back! uwu~

so there's this reimplementation of part of nacl that was done in a way it could be fit into 100 tweets. it's called tweetnacl.

the whole idea was to make it easily auditable, but i think it's also just cute in its own right. so i wanted to showcase how it handles eddsa signatures.

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girl before a mirror

crystalline reflection
of a necklace's glimmer,
jagged in my eyes.
she glances back,
a strange assemblage of shapes
betraying nothing.

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hey i guess

^-^ hiiii

this is a new blog. where i'm gonna write about stuff.

my background is in math, but i'm currently working on learning how to do embedded development and compilers. hopefully i'll also get latex support up, and i can write some posts on basic representation theory and algebraic geometry as well.

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